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04 Oct 2022

Wales Covid Inquiry

Welsh Covid-19 bereaved families given a voice at the UK Public Inquiry

The Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice Cymru (CBFJC) took a major step forward in their campaign for change, when the UK Covid-19 Inquiry Chair, Baroness Hallett, granted them Core Participant status in Module 1. 

Today, the Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice Cymru (CBFJC) took a major step forward in their campaign for change, when the UK Covid-19 Inquiry Chair granted them Core Participant status in Module 1.

As a group dedicated to speaking on behalf of those bereaved by Covid-19, the CBFJC’s focus is to ensure that Wales is fully scrutinised in the UK Covid-19 Inquiry.

Module 1 will examine the resilience and preparedness of the United Kingdom for a pandemic. As one of only 28 groups granted Core Participant status, the Group will have a key role in the Inquiry process. These include being represented and making legal submissions, receiving disclosure of documentation, suggesting questions, and receiving advance notice of the Inquiry’s report.

Anna-Louise Marsh-Rees, the group lead says “This is a key milestone in our campaign & a huge relief to know that Welsh families will be represented in the UK Inquiry. We thank the Chair, Baroness Hallett, for recognising that CBFJC are best placed to assist this Public Inquiry to achieve its aims by representing the collective interests of a broad spectrum of those bereaved by Covid-19 in Wales in relation to Module 1.

Whilst we welcome the Chair’s commitment to scrutinising the actions of the devolved administrations, we remain concerned that Module 1 will not go far enough in examining the Welsh specific issues that need to be investigated in depth by this Inquiry.” 

Harding Evans have been appointed as the solicitors for the Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice Group – Cymru. Craig Court, Head of Public Law and Private Litigation, commented “It is vitally important that the people of Wales can have full confidence that this Public Inquiry will fully scrutinise decision-making in Wales in respect of Covid-19 and that the experiences and voices of the Welsh people will be properly heard and represented. Recognising the Group as a Core Participant in Module 1 is a key step to ensuring that those experiences are brought to the fore.”

The CBFJC Group added that “The Chair’s visit to Cardiff in March to consult with Welsh families on the Terms of Reference was a welcome start to the Inquiry. We look forward to continuing to work with her and the UK Inquiry team on developing the scope of the Listening Exercise and the commemoration work.”

If you have lost a loved one to Covid-19 in Wales, we would encourage you to get involved. Click here to find out more.

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