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Is part of your property changing ownership?

If the legal ownership of property or land that you own is changing hands, but at least one of the
owners is set to remain on the title, a transaction that’s known as a transfer of equity is required.

There are a number of reasons for requiring a transfer of equity, the common causes our solicitors
deal with at Harding Evans include:

  • Marriage: transferring the title of a home into joint names
  • Divorce/separation: changing ownership from joint names into one sole name
  • Tax planning: transferring a share of the family home to a child or family member
  • Adjustment of financial shares: altering the percentage of a property each person owns

Our equity transfer service is swift and simple. Our solicitors aim is to make sure you don’t have to deal with any of the problems commonly associated with the transfer of equity process.

If your transfer of equity is due to a divorce or separation, just remember that before you proceed, it
is essential that any conflict between you and the other co-owner is resolved. This can require legal
assistance, which our family & matrimonial law department can help you with.

We also have a dedicated wills and probate department who can advise you about transferring a
share of your property to a child or family member.

Get in touch with our transfer of equity solicitors.

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