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Fracture Negligence Solicitors


Was your fracture misdiagnosed or incorrectly treated?

Medical professionals sometimes get it wrong when it comes to the diagnosis and treatment of fractured bones. Medical negligence claims for fractures usually fit into one of two categories:

1. Failure to diagnose fracture

A patient with a broken bone might be sent for an X-Ray where incorrect or insufficient views of the bone are carried out or the fracture may have been missed altogether. The X-Ray might be misread or they may not even be sent for an X-Ray in the first place.

2. Incorrect treatment post-diagnosis

A fracture might be treated improperly, causing problems such as healing delays, infections or permanent deformity or disability which can lead to the need for repeated surgery and sometimes even amputation.

Although the two points above are the most common cases we see, our solicitors have also acted in cases where the plaster cast has been applied incorrectly leading to pressure damage, especially in diabetic patients, which can also have serious consequences.

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Where there has been a suspicion of sub-standard medical care provided or negligence, our team of experienced and sympathetic fracture negligence solicitors can help support and guide you and your family through the investigation process.

To establish whether a claim is possible, please contact our fracture negligence team.

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