Restrictive Covenants

Protecting the information that makes you a success

Restrictive covenants are clauses in an employment contract that aim to prevent former employees from acting unfairly in competition to you by exploiting your information and business contacts.

Whatever your line of business, you will have certain, unique information that contributes to your company’s success. It is important to provide legal protection for this information by using the right type of restrictive covenant:

  • Non-competition covenants – preventing a former employee from working for one of your competitors
  • Non-solicitation covenants – preventing staff from stealing clients from you
  • Non-dealing covenants – preventing any association between your clients and a former member of staff, irrespective of who approached who
  • Non-solicitation covenants – preventing former employees from poaching members of your staff and employing them to work in competition against you
  • We can help make sure that the restrictive covenants that you write into employee contracts are realistic in terms of geographical scope, timescale and the extent to which you are protecting your business’ interests. We have experience of advising organisations on ‘team moves’ and managing the risks that arise when such events take place.

If your employees act improperly either during or after their employment, we can take swift and immediate action to enforce the terms of the contract of employment.

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