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Employment Tribunals For Individuals


Our Process

STAGE 1 – Taking Instructions & Initial Advice
At this stage we take instructions from you on the case. We review the papers and advise you on the merits of the claim and likely compensation.

STAGE 2 – Pre-Claim Conciliation
In the pre-claim stage it is mandatory to follow the Acas Early Conciliation procedure.

STAGE 3 – Preparing a Claim
Thereafter, if a settlement has not been reached, we look at preparing a claim on your behalf.

Throughout this and the following stages we continue to explore potential settlement and re-evaluate likely outcomes and compensation.

STAGE 4 – Preparing for the Hearing
In preparation for the Final Hearing, our solicitors explore which documents we will need from you to develop a bundle of documents. We may be required to attend a Preliminary Hearing to answer any initial queries the judge may have regarding the case.

We also need to take witness statements. These sorts of tasks may add greater complexity to the case and increase the time estimate outlined here.

STAGE 5 – Final Hearing
Our solicitors prepare for and attend the Final Hearing, which may include providing instructions to Counsel to act on your behalf.

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