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Most businesses face problems at some stage, either because of trading difficulties or because of issues with their customers or suppliers. We can offer advice on all aspects of business recovery including rescue, restructuring or formal insolvency of the business itself. We can also advise you on what to do if your customers or suppliers are in financial difficulties or are becoming insolvent.

We work closely with a range of organisations in this field, from insolvency professionals and financial institutions to creditors and companies facing insolvency. Legal problems can be complex, and may require a fast response, which makes having a solicitor with strong commercial experience and sound technical expertise all the more essential.

Recognising financial problems early gives businesses the best prospect of survival. That way, professional advice can be sought and action taken before creditors take matters into their own hands.

Areas that our expert solicitors can assist with include:
• Giving advice for directors and business owners who are in financial difficulty
• Acting on behalf of creditors
• Resolving insolvency disputes and court action

We can also help with:
• Business rescue, turnaround and company restructuring
• Claims by Liquidators and Administrators
• Representing Insolvency Practitioners and LPA Receivers on all aspects of their appointment
• Asset recovery, including tracing claims and constructive trust issues
• Bad debt recovery including bulk collections Title, priority and security issues for Lenders
• Defending wrongful trading and other personal claims against directors (including disqualification proceedings)

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