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Whilst things are improving all the time, sadly many LGBTQ+ people do not feel confident in being their authentic selves in the workplace, for fear of bullying, harassment, or discrimination.

Discrimination based on either sexual orientation or gender reassignment is illegal in the UK, with both being listed as protected characteristics under the Equality Act (2010).

If you are experiencing LGBTQ+ discrimination in the workplace and feel you have been treated badly by your employers, our lawyers are here to help.

Our specialist Employment Law lawyers are experienced in this area and you can trust them to deal with your case with understanding and empathy.

Our support goes beyond simply advising on any potential claim we think you may have. Our solicitors will also talk you through the best strategy based on your individual circumstances, and will be on hand to assist you with any negotiations or difficult conversations that need to be had.

If you need a lawyers advice, please contact us today.

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