Contractual Disputes

Contractual Disputes

While contract disputes are extremely common, they are rarely straightforward to resolve as most cases involve the interpretation of a particular clause. It’s essential to seek legal advice at the earliest opportunity as if they’re handled poorly, contractual disputes can be costly, time-consuming and may even land you in court.

Agreements are entered into on a daily basis about all sorts of issues, whether in writing or verbal, commercial or through private individuals, so it is perhaps no surprise that contract disputes are the most common form of a claim through the Courts.  Examples of contractual disputes include:

  • Issues concerning an offer you’ve made in a contract
  • Issues when a party reviews your contract
  • Disagreements regarding the meaning of a contract’s technical terms
  • Mistakes and errors concerning the terms you’ve addressed in a contract
  • Fraud, such as a party claiming they’ve been forced into signing your contract
  • Disputes, where those involved in a contract do not stand by their original agreements, made months or years earlier
  • Disputes where another party fails to honour a contract and does not pay the agreed sum of money

Our specialist solicitors within the Dispute Resolution team have years of experience in advising individuals and companies on all forms of contractual warranties. We advise clients on all aspects of legislation, rights and remedies and always commit to being open and realistic about what can be achieved and at what cost.

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