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Protecting Yourself As A Landlord In A Tenancy Dispute

Whether you let out your property as a second source of income or as a business in its own right, we know that being a landlord can sometimes bring challenges, particularly if you find yourselves with a difficult tenant.

How A Landlord And Tenant Lawyer Can Help

At Harding Evans, our tenancy dispute solicitors are experienced in landlord and tenant litigation and are experts in helping landlords to recover what is rightfully theirs.

Our lawyers have a proven track record of working with a wide spectrum of clients, including:

  • Landlords with a single investment property.
  • Landlords with an extensive portfolio of properties.

We also act for national housing associations and institutional landlords. If necessary, we can help you evict your tenant, so that you can re-let your property without unnecessary delay.

Tenants are increasingly aware of their rights and in some cases, one minor error can derail an entire possession claim. We are familiar with the tactics used by different tenants and so know how to handle them, focusing on achieving the most favourable outcome for you.

We will always fight your case assertively and fairly and will ensure that the necessary notices and court forms are fully compliant with all relevant legislation, avoiding costly delays.

Working With You Toward A Resolution

Whether you require support with any day-to-day queries or more specific guidance as your dispute escalate, our trusted team of landlord and tenant dispute resolution solicitors can take care of any problems that may arise.

Here at Harding Evans, we are acutely aware of how problematic it can be to deal with ongoing tenancy issues and we will work tirelessly to iron out any difficulties before they become an added expense.

If you’re in a dispute with a tenant or if you’re looking for a legal professionals guidance, contact our experienced landlord and tenant dispute lawyers today.

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