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Resolving Insolvency Disputes and Court Actions

Insolvency proceedings usually require cooperation from multiple different parties, including those representing the business in difficulty, creditors, the insolvency practitioner, financial institutions and any other advisers who may be involved.
Busy insolvency practitioners often need to draw upon specialist legal advice, especially when time is of the essence. We know this all too well, having repeatedly pulled together partners from our various practice areas at extreme short notice, to form specialist teams that are capable of dealing with insolvencies of considerable complexity and magnitude.

We are very proud of our ability to work closely with all parties and build strong working relationships, all of which helps to encourage a successful outcome for our clients.

Matters of insolvency that we regularly assist with include:

  • Liquidation
  • Property insolvency issues
  • Receivership and administrative receivership
  • Constructive trusts and tracing claims
  • Investor and lender security
  • Advice to creditors on insolvency and retention of title issues
  • Debt rescheduling and recovery
  • Insolvency related litigation and dispute resolution on behalf of office holders
  • Disposals
  • Cross-border insolvency
  • Advice to directors of financially distressed companies
  • Debt recovery, collect-outs
  • Advice on policy issues
  • International asset recovery
  • Employment issues in an insolvency context
  • Administration
  • Corporate restructuring, reorganisation and turnaround

The fact that we are a multi-disciplinary law firm with specialists in a variety of areas – from commercial property and employment law to dispute resolution and debt recovery – means we are perfectly placed to use our depth of knowledge to deal with the diverse requirements that are usually involved in insolvency and business recovery cases.

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