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Paediatric Medical Negligence Claims


Receive compensation for harm to your child

Paediatrics is the treatment of illnesses in children. Children can sometimes have illnesses that are
not common in adults: congenital and inherited diseases, for instance, or infectious childhood
diseases. Add consent and legal responsibility issues to this, and you have an area of medicine that is
very complex.

Common paediatric medical negligence claims

Common paediatric medical negligence claims that our solicitors deal with include:

● Misdiagnosis
● Delays in diagnosis
● Problems with surgery
● Drug errors
● Medical errors relating to meningitis
● Medical errors relating to sickle-cell disease
● Insufficient epilepsy care
● Birth injuries
● Injuries causing cerebral palsy
● Anaesthetic care

If a medical mistake has harmed your child, he or she may be able to claim compensation.

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Where there has been a suspicion of substandard medical care provided to your child, you may be
entitled to make a claim. Should this be the case, our team of experienced and sympathetic medical
negligence solicitors can help support and guide you and your family through the investigation
process. To establish whether a claim is possible, please contact us by clicking here.

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