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Probate and letters of administration are essential documents giving someone permission to sort out the estate of a deceased landlord, which includes rental properties.

Probate is granted to the executors of a landlord’s will. Letters of administration are granted to administrators of an estate when the landlord has died without leaving a will.

Effectively, they are different ways of allowing someone to step in and deal with the deceased’s estate. Collectively both documents are known as a Grant of Representation.

Grant of representation can sometimes take several months to come through and during this time, and during the administration of the estate, the executor or administrator has the same responsibilities to tenants as the landlord had. The executor/administrator must maintain the rental property in good repair and collect rent.

Selling a rental property in probate is not allowed until the grant of representation has been issued, although the executor can market the home and even accept an offer while waiting.

How We Can Help With A Rental Property In Probate

It is a lot to take on and our dedicated solicitors will help guide you through the process of dealing with a rental property in probate; handling applications, clearly defining your responsibilities and explaining what expenses you can and cannot claim.

We know that losing a loved one is a difficult time, so we aim to make the added complication of probate as straight-forward and hassle free as we can.

That is why our dedicated solicitors offer a free 30 minute consultation at our offices in Cardiff and Newport, in order to fully understand your circumstances and discuss your options.  Contact us today to find out more.

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