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21 Mar 2016


The Three Most Important Things You Should Know About Corporate Immigration

It’s relatively common for companies to employ staff from outside the EU to fill any jobs that they can’t recruit for in the UK or Europe. If you’re hoping to follow suit and recruit from outside the EU, it’s down to you to ensure that any workers living and working in the UK are doing so legally. This will safeguard them from any penalties or reputational damage.

Recruitment of non-EU nationals from overseas is often necessary for positions where there may be a skills shortage in the UK or if specialist language skills are required. Most of the time, individuals are keen to come to the UK, as there are better positions available that align with various skillsets.

Here are the three things you should know about Corporate Immigration.

  1. You’ll need legal help

When you’ve found the perfect employee, your main aim will be to ensure that they are able to start work quickly and move to the UK with as little stress as possible. However, UK immigration law and procedures are very intricate and complex so you need a good solicitor at hand to ensure that you don’t overlook any small detail that could land you in hot water in the future.


  1. Know what the Government wants

Over the last few years, corporate immigration has become increasingly more difficult as the British Government have felt the pressure to restrict the high levels of immigrants in the UK. However, the Government state that their policies are in place to encourage economic growth by allowing highly-skilled immigrants into the UK; the type of people who will invest in the UK and provide valuable skills to companies that need it.


  1. Be aware of the points-based system

Due to stricter guidelines, corporate immigration is now mostly governed by a “points-based system” that was introduced incrementally from 2009. The points-based system is extensive and complicated, but can be split into tiers. These tiers explain the different types of visas available in accordance to this scheme:

  • Tier 1 Investor Visa

For high-net-worth people who want to invest in UK Government bonds or British companies.

  • Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa

For people who want to start a new business in the UK or for those who want to invest in and run an already-existing business.

  • Tier 2 Work Permit Visa

Available for skilled and highly-qualified workers who have been sponsored by an employer from within the UK

  • Tier 2 Work Permit

Must be sponsored by a UK company that holds a Tier 2 Sponsor Licence. To obtain a license, companies must submit an application to the Home Office.


We can advise you on your prospective employees’ immigration obligations. Whether you have employees abroad or want to bring employees to the UK, we can give you the legal advice you need to ensure that you’re fully compliant with immigration law.

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