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15 Feb 2017

Clinical Negligence

Delay in Diagnosis – Cancer

Many of us are affected by cancer. Whether it’s a friend or loved one who has received the devastating diagnosis of cancer in one form or another or you are living with cancer yourself.

It is common knowledge that the earlier a cancer diagnosis is made, the better the outcome for the patient. Unfortunately, there are often delays in the diagnosis being made for various reasons, for instance referral delays by the GP or cancelled appointments or tests by the relevant hospital. This can lead to your loved one’s lifespan being shorter than it could have been, or more extensive treatment being needed than would otherwise have been necessary with an earlier diagnosis.

In the worst case scenario, even if the patient’s condition was always going to be incurable, a delay in receiving palliative care can have a detrimental effect upon the time that the person has left.

If you think that you, or someone you know could be one of the people who could have had their cancer diagnosis made sooner than it actually was, we can look into the matter for you.

We have a register of highly experienced medical experts on hand whom we approach to comment upon the standard of care you or your loved one has received. There are time limits on claims such as these so don’t delay – telephone and speak to one of our clinical negligence team today on 01633 244233, or contact us here.



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