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14 Jul 2016

Family & Matrimonial

Don’t Tweet You Twit!

Yesterday’s very public and acrimonious Twitter spat between Calvin Harris and his ex Taylor Swift is unfortunately one of the downsides of having a readily accessible and public means of venting anger and frustration.

Whilst the exchanges penned by celebrities such as Harris and Swift provide fodder for the press and entertainment for fans, it is unfortunately symptomatic of a growing trend amongst separated married and co-habiting couples to engage in a public war through social media upon relationships breakdown

Harris and Swift were of course not married so once the dust settles on the spat, there are unlikely to be ongoing consequences but for ordinary couples a similar exchange of words could have an impact on any negotiations or action being taken in  proceedings.

A public rant by one party, sometimes when an estranged spouse or partner has done or said something they are angry about, or perhaps after a couple of glasses of wine on a Saturday night might seem like a good idea at the time.  However, in the cold light of day and read in isolation, the author can come across in a totally negative light with the added danger of the content being read in isolation coming across as vindictive or even aggressive.

So, a cautionary tale, however tempting Facebook, Twitter or other means of social media are to tell the world how badly or unfairly you think your partner or spouse has behaved , it’s simply just isn’t a good idea!

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