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25 Feb 2015


Kate Lingley comments on recent taser statistics.

The recent information published in the news today about the usage of tasers is something our experienced solicitors at the HardingEvans  team are really passionate about. We have seen, at first hand, cases when the police appear to have abused their power, pointing tasers at vulnerable adults or using them excessively. We feel that the statistics suggesting that there has been a 38% increase in the number of children who had a taser aimed at them is something which must be investigated urgently.

The use of tasers on any person is a concern, as the results can be painful and in some cases can even be fatal. If you have been tasered and you would like advice about whether or not the police had lawful authority to do it, or if you think your human rights have been breached by the unlawful conduct of the police, please contact our actions against the police team.

The criminal team can assist you at the police station – if you have been arrested it is extremely important that you are represented by a solicitor if you have been tasered or the police have pointed a taser at you during the course of your arrest. There could be important information that needs to be gathered for any future civil claim at this stage, as well as your solicitor making sure you are treated properly and have access to medical assistance if necessary.

Contact our Crime Team for more information on how we can help you – on 01633 244233 or email marketing@hevans.com Alternatively our out of hours contact number is 07966081992

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