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10 Dec 2014


Underestimating the legal limit

The Crime Team at HardingEvans Solicitors regularly help, advise and represent clients with drink drive cases in the Magistrates Court and find that many clients unwittingly underestimate the amount of alcohol they can safely drink before they become over the legal limit. They also underestimate the amount of time it takes for the body to successfully break-down alcohol in the body. A lot of factors need to be taken into consideration when deciding how much can safely be consumed before driving or when it is safe to drive a car after having a few drinks the night before. The amount of food eaten, the gender, height and weight of a person all impact on the legal limit.

HardingEvans also frequently help clients who need the assistance of an expert in order to work out a back-calculation so that it can be determined if they have in fact been drink driving if they consume alcohol after driving their vehicle and are then breathalysed. We are always happy to assist anyone who is facing drink drive charges. We would always recommend getting early expert legal advice to ensure you know exactly how best to proceed.  This can save hefty costs and a lengthy driving ban in the long run!

Contact our Crime Team for more information on how we can help you – on 01633 244233 or email marketing@hevans.com Alternatively our out of hours contact number is 07966081992
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