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10 Jun 2014


Managers forgoing holidays due to overwhelming work loads

A leading law firm is urging business owners across South Wales to ensure their managers take the full allocation of holidays this summer – to keep them fresh,stress-free and in the best shape to maintain productivity all year round.

Following a recent survey by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) which revealed that only one in two managers have booked a summer holiday this year, Daniel Wilde, Partner and Head of Employment Law at HardingEvans argues that to forgo annual leave is actually counterproductive.

Daniel Wilde said: “In today’s society where people are working harder and longer hours, employers have an obligation to cultivate a culture whereby employees feel able to take a break without fear of incurring more stress upon their return.”

The CMI survey revealed that of those questioned, a quarter admitted to putting in an extra eight hours of work the week prior to their leave and the week of their return. Of those that do take a break, 12 percent admitted to checking their emails on a daily basis, admitting that they do this to avoid returning to an overwhelming back log of work.

Crucially, it was established that those who do opt to take holidays reap the rewards of the period of rest and relaxation, often leading to improved performance both for the individual and the employer’s business.

Daniel said: “Employers can help enormously by providing ample and capable support to ensure that work is dealt with properly while employees are away.

“As well as a break being vital for staff to ensure that they can recharge their batteries and to avoid stress related illness, it is also important to achieve compliance with the annual leave provisions in the Working Time Regulations 1998.”

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