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20 May 2014

Family & Matrimonial

Making the most of your family business: From beginning to end

Following a successful launch of the Family Business Partnership we are delighted to announce a second event taking place on the 24th October (7:30-9am)

Gareth Jones (Captain of Innovation, Welsh ICE) and Annie Finlayson, (Director of Acquisitions & Business Development Strategist, PHS) will speak about the challenges that come at the start and end of a business. Gareth will focus on the challenges of being a new business and how, as a family business, you can make yourself stand out amongst your competitors. Annie will use her experiences as Director of Acquisitions for PHS to give you an insight into how to make the most of your business when you’re looking to sell or pass it onto the next generation.

This event is free to attend, however registration is required.

Please visit our web site to register to attend this eventand for more details on the speakers and the benefits of membership of the Family Business Partnership.

If you have any questions or comments, you can contact us directly by email on info@familybusinesspartnership.co.uk or by phone on 01633 760703.

Please note that in order to maximise network opportunities for members there will be a limit to the number of companies granted membership from the same sector.

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