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14 Dec 2020

Wills & Probate

Make ‘Making a Will’ your top resolution for 2021

As we get to the end of a year that most of us would like to forget, Afonwy Howell-Pryce, associate solicitor in our Wills and Probate department, explains why making a Will should be at the top of your New Year’s Resolutions list for 2021.

Since the pandemic began, we have seen a sharp increase in the number of people wanting to put their affairs in order. Events this year have made many of us anxious and uncertain about the future and realise the importance of planning for the future to avoid any unnecessary complications, should the worst happen.

With news of a vaccine suddenly bringing hope and a much-needed light at the end of the tunnel, it appears that we can start looking forward to some sort of normality returning in 2021. But the virus has not gone away yet and although it’s not a pleasant thing to think about, we cannot stress enough how important it is to have a properly prepared Will in place.

It provides peace of mind that your estate will be dealt with as you want and should make the process far easier for those you leave behind when you die. And yet, according to the Law Society, although there was a ‘striking shift’ in the number of people making or updating Wills during the pandemic – it has warned that the ‘overwhelming majority’ of people still do not have their affairs in order.

Almost 60% of people they surveyed said they did not have a Will – which effectively means they will be leaving ancient laws to determine who receives their estate – and just 29% said they have an up-to-date Will which reflects their current intentions.

The survey also found that in some demographics such as urban and BAME communities, Will-making is particularly uncommon. Only 25% of those from a BAME background had a Will, compared to 42% of white respondents. Similarly, only 36% of people in urban areas had a Will compared to 54% from rural areas.

The main reasons respondents gave for not making a Will were not having anything of value to leave to their loved ones (24%), not finding the time (20%) and thinking they were too young to make one (18%).

Making a Will is not the long, complicated and expensive process that people often imagine it to be. It is a relatively simple process and costs less than you’d think. It means you can be prepared for whatever the future holds, making the process of sorting out your estate much easier for those you leave behind. By instructing a solicitor, you can ensure your Will is valid as there are various legal formalities which need to be followed correctly, providing you with the reassurance that your wishes are carried out.


If you would like to talk to one of our friendly, sympathetic team at Harding Evans about making a Will, we have years of experience and promise to treat you with empathy and respect. Visit our website at www.hardingevans.com, email hello@hevans.com or call 01633 244233 or 029 2267 6818.

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