Sports Law

Sports Law

HardingEvans acts for a number of individuals who are either embarking on or have established a career within the professional sports arena.  These individuals not only want first class legal advice but also the guidance and support of lawyers whose experience enables them to consider the wider issues such as tax implications etc.
Many of our sports professional are investing in their futures beyond their current careers and are investing in property or setting up commercial ventures.  Our property and commercial departments play a vital role along with other professional advisers in ensuring that our clients make the right investment and development decisions and that those decisions are backed by solid legal advice.

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We don't treat any new instruction by a sport professional or their adviser as a standalone piece of work but consider it in the context of our client's long term aims.  Their financial security and family considerations are always at the forefront of our advice.  
As an example, we strongly advise every professional sports person, particularly where they are acquiring property for the first time, to make a Will before completion.  This often presents us with a challenge particularly when dealing with younger clients who consider making a Will to be something they should do when they reach a mature age!  Ensuring that they are planning for any unexpected future event forms part of our commitment to giving our clients the best possible legal advice.
Confidentiality is fundamental to the solicitor/client relationship but never more so than when acting on behalf of clients whose public profile attracts media attention. 

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HardingEvans offers a full range of commercial and private legal services, below are those services that are specifically designed for sports professionals.