Mistreatment of the Elderly

Neglect of the elderly happens all too often

Unfortunately, neglect of the elderly happens all too often. The most vulnerable people regularly fall victim to medical mistakes, and are often harmed indirectly because of a general lack of standards at the nursing home or residential home that cares for them.

There are many types of claim that can be brought by an elderly person (or their family on their behalf), including:

  • Pressure sores

These occur frequently in hospital and other care facilities but should be preventable in all but a few extreme circumstances

  • Falls

Insufficient safeguards/care planning can lead to injuries occurring in a hospital or care home. Often, these injuries can be fairly insignificant, perhaps a minor bump or laceration, but they can also be more serious, such as a fractured hip which will require surgery.  Most falls can be prevented and we have a high success rate in claims relating to falls in elderly patients.

  • Over-medication

It is fairly common for elderly patients in residential care facilities to be given certain medication to keep them calm and quiet, when often the solution is simply better care, more stimulation or more interaction with the individuals.

  • Pharmacy negligence

Most elderly people take a variety of medication, even when living an active life in their own home.  Unfortunately, poor eyesight sometimes leads to them taking the wrong dose or even the wrong medication altogether, which can have very serious side effects.

If you feel that an elderly loved one has received poor care, then we may be able to help.  Contact us and we can help you establish whether a claim can be made.

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