Cauda Equina Syndrome

Have you suffered as a result of a delay in the diagnosis of Cauda Equina Syndrome?

Cauda equina syndrome is a serious spinal disorder, presenting with very few distinct “red flag” symptoms that are especially serious. These symptoms consist of:

  • Numbness in the lower part of the spine and also what is called ”saddle anaesthesia” which is basically numbness in any area which would be touching a saddle if you were sitting on a horse.
  • Urinary and/or bowel problems/continence
  • Motor weakness in the presence of back pain is also a “red flag” symptom

Cauda equina syndrome is an orthopaedic emergency and can lead to distressing permanent problems such as foot drop, back and leg pain along with bladder and/or bowel dysfunction if treatment is delayed.  You can find out more about cauda equina syndrome here.

If you have recently been diagnosed with cauda equina syndrome and have been left with problems after a delay in treatment, you may be entitled to claim.

We have an experienced team who are well-versed in cauda equina syndrome and have dealt with numerous cases before. We also have a register of experienced Accident & Emergency experts, orthopaedic surgeons and spinal neurosurgeons on hand whom we can approach to comment upon the standard of care you received whilst in hospital.

If you feel you have suffered as a result of the failure of your GP to refer you to a hospital soon enough, we also have GP experts whom we approach to provide comment upon your case – so don’t delay – speak to one of our medical negligence team today.

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