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16 Jun 2022


Meet Helen Carter, our Commercial Trainee Solicitor

At Harding Evans we have a team of over 100 lawyers and support staff across our Newport and Cardiff offices and we’re extremely proud of them all. We recently welcomed Helen Carter, our Commercial Trainee Solicitor to talk to us about her experience of working here and to ask for her advice to anyone looking to get into Commercial Law.

Q1 – Tell us a bit about yourself

I’m Helen, I’m 28 years old and am currently on my training contract. Prior to joining Harding Evans, I spent two years working and travelling in Australia. While I was there, I worked for a number of law firms and they encouraged me to pursue a career in law when I got back to the UK.

I studied MLaw (Combined LLB and LPC) at the University of South Wales and graduated in 2016. It was a great University and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there while continuing to learn and develop my skills.

After graduating, I started work with Eversheds Sutherland before moving on to join Harding Evans in 2021.

Q2 – What first interested you in a career in law?

I was drawn to law as it is an ever-changing field, where there are always new developments and new aspects of the law that we need to learn.  It’s a very interesting and well-respected career and I also find that it impacts my unconscious decisions in everyday life.

Q3 – Which area of law do you specialise in?

My area of focus is Commercial law.

Q4 – What attracted you to this area of law in particular?

Commercial law is varied and covers a wide range of topics including business and property. The scale can also be very varied as we work on contracts involving small plots of land right through to large multi-million-pound business mergers. This makes my work more varied and keeps it interesting.

In my job I need to have sound legal knowledge as well as practical skills, which is a great combination.

Q5 – What does your role at Harding Evans involve?

In my role at Harding Evans, I am the one who makes initial contact with clients following their enquiry. I then progress the matters under supervision and offer assistance and support to the commercial team throughout the course of whatever commercial matter that we are working on.

Q6 – What is the most satisfying aspect of your job?

The most rewarding part of my job is concluding a file, after you have offered your full knowledge and support to the clients throughout the transaction so that they go away satisfied with the service we have provided. Knowing that you have helped a client and helped them achieve their desired outcome is extremely motivating and rewarding.

Q7 – Do you have any tips for someone who’s considering a career as a Commercial Lawyer?

It’s increasingly important to stay up to date on industry news as the law is constantly evolving. Being aware of current legislative changes is a big help when finding your feet in the field.

Another helpful way to progress is to attend networking events as they can help to grow your career with others who are developing at the same time, meet new people and sometimes pick up new skills and knowledge along the way.

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