Actions Against Police

Actions Against Police

We are one of only two firms in Wales who hold a Specialist Legal Aid contract for Actions Against the Police as well as the SQM Quality Mark in respect of those services.

Our Dispute Resolution department, headed by Managing Partner Zep Bellavia, has in excess of 20 years expertise of dealing with all civil actions arising against the police to include: 

  1.  Malicious Prosecution
  2.  False Imprisonment 
  3.  Unlawful Detention
  4.  Trespass
  5.  Assault and Battery
  6.  Bullying and Harassment
  7.  Interference with Property
  8.  Negligence 
  9.  Misfeasance in Public Office 

The Police Action Lawyers Group (PALG) is a national organisation comprised of solicitors, barristers and legal executives who represent complainants against the police throughout England and Wales. Craig Court, Solicitor at HardingEvans LLP is an active member of PALG and he specialises in representing claimants on actions against the police and other public bodies.

As an illustration of our level of expertise, we are currently dealing with a number of high profile Negligence and Human Rights cases against both the police and other public bodies.  Additionally, we work closely with a leading London based QC in this niche area of work. 

We offer a wide range of funding options including CFAs, Damages Based Agreements, tailored affordable Fixed Fee structures and Legal Aid.  

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