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Historical Abuse Compensation

Have you suffered abuse at the hands of someone you trusted?

Abuse is a violation of trust that can happen at any time of life, more likely when that person was a child.  Victims of abuse find it difficult to talk about their experiences and to seek help for their trauma.  Very often the abuse is not reported until many years later when the individual is much older.

The abuse may have been caused by an individual, foster carer or perhaps someone working in a children’s home.  The individual may have been abused by members of their own family or people in authority.  The list is potentially endless.

We at Harding Evans acknowledge that these cases require specialist knowledge.  We are also aware of the sensitivity involved in dealing with cases of this nature and we will be able to assist you in what can be a traumatic period in reliving what had occurred previously.  We aim to provide you with the appropriate advice and support that you need.

You may find the prospect of making a claim for abuse to be very stressful, not only dealing with past events but possibly meeting your abuser in Court. In our experience, most cases are settled out of Court.

Please get in touch today and let us help, as your local solicitor we offer a free first interview. At all times your feelings and wellbeing will be of the utmost concern to us with confidentiality assured at all times.

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