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11 Jun 2014

Clinical Negligence

Ureteric Injury During Caesarean

All abdominal surgery carries with it an element of risk. However, some risks are common, others not so. One case that we have come across recently highlighted an important point. Caesarean section operations, either elective or emergency are extremely common. Bladder injury during Caesarean section is also quite a common and foreseeable complication.

What happened in our current case was that whilst inserting internal stitches following a Caesarean, the surgeon managed to either pass through the ureter with the stitch or pull up the tissues close to the ureter in such a way as to cause it to kink. Both of these problems can cause a blockage in the ureter and worst case scenario is that the patient can develop kidney damage and/or lose the affected kidney. Alternatively, urine can leak into the abdominal cavity from a hole in the ureter and cause all kinds of problems. However, except in the case of an extreme situation, such as post partum haemorrhage where the surgeon’s priority is saving the patient’s life, or the patient having abnormal anatomy, ureteric injury during Caesarean section should not happen.

If you have recently suffered ureter damage following a Caesarean section and have been left with problems after a delay in treatment, you may well have a valid claim. We have experience of such claims for compensation – which can be sizeable.

We have a register of experienced surgeons on hand whom we can approach to comment upon the standard of care you received whilst in hospital. If you feel you sufferedas a result of failure to diagnose your ureteric injury soon enough, we also have urological experts whom we approach to provide comment upon your case – so don’t delay – telephone and speak to one of our clinical negligence team today on 01633 244233.

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