Small Claims Guidance Service

Small Claims Guidance Service

Particulars of Claim (Claimant) or Defence (Defendant). 

Typically, the Particulars of Claim will be filed at Court at the outset of the case along with the Claim Form and the Defendant will produce a Defence to this.
The statement of case is important because it will ultimately set out the basis of the arguments put forward at Trial and an inadequate or inaccurate statement of case can therefore cause costly problems at a later date.
Our fixed-fee service enables you to get your Small Claims Track case off to a flying start and includes drafting your Particulars of Claim or Defence and for Claimants, completing the Claim Form, in order that you need simply sign the document and file it at Court.  Our fixed fees operate on a sliding scale, in order to reflect the additional complexity typically found in higher value claims.


Value of Claim Fee
Up to £1,500 £120.00                       
£1,501 - £3,000 £180.00
£3,001 - £5,000 £240.00
£5,001 -£9,999 £360.00

Witness Statements 

A Witness Statement should complement the statement of case by setting out the Witness’s version of events in his or own words.  The Witness will then answer questions about this document at the Trial, in order to assist the Court in determining the truth.  Good quality Witness evidence is often therefore a crucial factor in whether or not a party succeeds at Court and a credible and coherent Statement can be the difference between success and failure.

Our fixed fee service operates on 2 levels:


Level One: Basic service - £120.00 (first statement), £84.00 (second/subsequent statements):

This fee includes:
  1. A review of your witness evidence followed by a letter or e-mail commenting upon how it could be improved;
  2. Conversion of your document into a Court-compliant format;
  3. The supply of sufficient copies of each Statement for you to serve on your opponent/s and retain for your records.

Level Two: Enhanced service - £240.00 (first statement), £180.00 (second and subsequent statements):

This fee includes:
  1. A meeting with each Witness individually at our offices or alternatively, a telephone discussion to take down full details of the Witness’s version of events;
  2. The preparation of a CPR-compliant Witness Statement for signature by the Witness;
  3. The supply of sufficient copies of each Statement for you to serve upon your opponent/s and to retain for your records.
Follow up meetings* - £60.00 per ½ hour:
Many of our existing clients find a brief meeting from time to time during the Course of proceedings useful in order to clarify any queries which may have arisen and to discuss the direction of the case in general.  These meetings are designed for existing clients in order to discuss ongoing claims.

Representation at Court

As stated above, modern Courts are designed to be as user-friendly as possible and Judges are used to dealing with members of the public who are representing themselves in a case.  However, the Court process can be a daunting one and many litigants prefer to appoint someone who is familiar with the process in order to speak on their behalf.
We have access to a nationwide network of professional agents who are able to attend at both interim and final hearings in order to put forward your case.  In addition, our own advocates are experienced in conducting cases before Judges and have a proven track record of achieving the best possible results for clients.
By the time it reaches the final hearing stage, litigation is an inherently complex matter with a wide range of possibilities and it is therefore impossible to devise a fixed-fee structure which covers every eventuality.  However, we are often able to tailor a fixed-fee to your circumstances to cover the cost of arranging representation at Court in order to ensure that your case has the best possible chance success.  Contact us today for a no-obligation quotation.

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