Debt Advice

Debt Advice

Following the forthcoming changes, Legal Aid will not be available for the majority of debt advice cases.  In particular, a number of services upon which our clients have traditionally relied will be removed from its scope, including debt restructuring, assistance in contesting liability and insolvency advice.
We excel in these areas by combining the services of an experienced debt counsellor with expertise of the relevant litigation processes in order that we are able to provide a holistic service which ensures that the client is aware of all available options and their consequences.  We are unique in that we are able to deal with all aspects of debt advice, from basic debt counselling through to complex litigated matters, providing a breadth of service with which our competitors simply cannot compete.  Indeed, many complex debt cases are referred to this firm by other organisations, such is the esteem in which our services are held locally.
We recognise that for the majority of clients requiring debt advice, resources will be tight and therefore, our services should not only provide value for money but also be flexible, so that clients can select the products which are essential to them, ensuring that every pound spent in legal fees works hard.  We also believe that transparency is key in the modern legal marketplace and that the client should be aware of exactly what they are getting for their money.
We are pleased to announce that following the changes to the Legal Aid System, we will be offering the following fixed fee* services:

1. Initial Consultation and Advice Session - £120.00

This is an appointment with one of our debt counselling experts to discuss your situation and investigate your options going forward.  This service is suitable for clients who are struggling to afford to repay multiple debts, who are having difficulties in managing household finances, or who are being pursued for a debt for which they feel they are not liable.  Typically, such a meeting will be between 30-60 minutes in length and will include:
  1. A discussion of the current situation and how it arose;
  2. An assessment of potential remedies;
  3. Our advice as to how best to proceed in light of the options available to you.

Dependent upon the case, the above may include an assessment of your household finances, an assessment of your likely eligibility for welfare benefits and/or advice as to any litigation procedures relevant to your case.

The consultation will be followed by a letter confirming our advice along with confirmation of any points requiring further investigation* which it was not possible to deal with in the meeting.

Bolt on Services

Many of our clients find that an initial consultation is all that is necessary in order to bring clarity to a situation and to enable them to manage their affairs going forward.  However, for more complex cases, we are able to offer a range of "bolt-on” services for a fixed-fee, which can be provided on an ad-hoc basis:
  1. Letter to Creditor - £36.00
  2. Subsequent consultation* (1/2 hour) - £60.00
  3. Small Claims advice service

2. Insolvency Assistance - £240.00 (£120.00 if purchased following initial consultation):

For many clients, bankruptcy is a daunting and stressful procedure and is often the culmination of a difficult and distressing period.  Its implications can be drastic and far-reaching.  Sometimes, bankruptcy may be the only sensible solution in order to provide a fresh start, however, many people also find the legal procedures to be complicated.  This service is provided by a member of our specialised debt counselling team and includes:
  1. An initial consultation to discuss your debts in general, your options and the potential alternatives to bankruptcy, as well as the implications of bankruptcy for you and those connected to you, along with advice regarding the procedures to be followed;
  2. The supply of all necessary forms and guidance for you to complete in order to start the bankruptcy process;
  3. A letter confirming the advice given in the initial meeting;
  4. A follow-up appointment to discuss any queries which you may have regarding the forms and to arrange an appointment for you to attend at Court in order to present your Bankruptcy Petition and Statement of Affairs;
  5. Telephone guidance as necessary*

Next Steps

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