*Fixed-Fee services: Terms and Conditions

*Fixed-Fee services: Terms and Conditions

The following terms are applicable in addition to our standard Terms of Business, a copy of which is available upon request.

1.             General

a.             All fixed fees advertised above include VAT at 20%.  We reserve the right to alter our fees at short notice to take account of any change in the applicable rate of VAT.

b.             All fees are payable in cleared funds in advance of us carrying out the work to which they relate.

c.             We reserve the right to decline to act or to cease acting on a fixed-fee basis where in our opinion the work we are being asked to carry out is unduly complex or specialist in nature.

2.             Debt Advice

a.             The services advertised are designed to assist individuals with personal debt issues.  Commercial debts may be subject to an alternative fee arrangement.

b.             Subsequent Consultations are available to existing clients only for the purposes of discussing matters raised in the initial meeting.  Where a new matter is raised in a Subsequent Consultation, we reserve the right to impose an additional charge.

c.             Every client has different requirements and therefore the information regarding the length and content of meetings is for guidance purposes only.

3.             Insolvency Advice

a.             The advertised fees are per person.

b.             The figures quoted relate to the cost of providing advice only do not include our costs of completing any paperwork on your behalf.

c.             Our telephone guidance service is subject to a fair use policy and as such we reserve the right to make an additional charge where the amount of telephone assistance greatly exceeds that which would be required by a typical client.

4.             Small Claims Services

a.             The services advertised relate only to cases which have been allocated to, or which in our opinion are likely to be allocated to, the Small Claims Track.  Where, for any reason, a claim is allocated to the Fast Track or the Multi Track, the fixed fees advertised shall not be applicable to any subsequent work.

b.             Follow-up consultations are intended for existing clients to discuss the ongoing claims upon which we have previously advised only.  We reserve the right to make a separate charge for any discussion of new matters.

c.             It is the responsibility of the client to provide us with complete instructions and to ensure that copies of all relevant documents are presented to us at the time of instruction and we reserve the right to make a charge for amending documents in order to incorporate information which was not available to us at the time of instruction.  Additional costs will also apply where it is necessary for us to obtain information from third parties on your behalf.

d.             The advertised fees do not include Court costs or other disbursements.

e.             The services advertised above are designed to enable clients to conduct their own Small Claims Track proceedings and this is reflected in the costs.  As such, we cannot appear on the Court’s record as acting for any user of the services advertised and we cannot be responsible for the filing or service of any documents.

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