Transport Law

Transport Law

If you’re in transport then you’re undoubtedly aware that the procedural nature of the industry, along with legislative flux, can leave your company vulnerable. Fresh legal issues arise with increasing regularity, along with a growing need to look beyond UK transport law and towards EU regulation. Greater regulation brings with it a greater need for specialised legal representation.
HardingEvans dedicated transport team benefits from the lengthy experience of partners, who have advised, assisted and represented countless businesses within the goods and passenger transport industries including:
  1. Haulage companiesTransport Law
  2. Taxi firms 
  3. Coach and bus operators
  4. Limousine operators
HardingEvans represents vehicle operators who find themselves before Transport Commissioners, Magistrates Courts and Crown Courts, delivering specialised services across an extensive range of circumstances.

Areas of Expertise

HardingEvans deals with a multitude of transport law matters. These include:

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If you wish to discuss a circumstance that relates to transport law – under no obligation – then simply complete our enquiry form or contact Zep Bellavia, Head of Transport Law, on 01633 760680  or email zb@hevans.com