HE PROTECT ring fence your risk today – Insurance for your organisation needs

Planning is essential whether at strategic or operational level but what happens when, despite all your best laid plans, an unexpected, substantial expenditure hits your P&L or balance sheet?

Your organisation will have insurance to protect you should an employee suffer an injury at work through your employer liability policy and any third party suffering the same fate on your company premises would be able to make a claim against your public liability policy. What would happen however, if an employee brought a claim against you for discrimination? Your company could be faced with a significant legal bill and damages that could seriously affect your bottom line profit in any one year or, in the case of protracted litigation, undermine your balance sheet for years to come. This is just an example of unexpected circumstances that keep organisation owners and directors awake at night but HardingEvans has a risk management solution that includes insurance which will give you peace of mind.

HE PROTECT is a risk management solution that enables you to effectively ring fence risk associated employment claims in a cost effective manner, leaving you to focus on growing your business and, at the same time, safeguarding your profits and protecting your balance sheet.

The benefits

  1. Immediate start - advice and cover from day one
  2. Out of hours contact for information and advice when you need it
  3. Fixed cost - no unexpected bills
  4. Balance sheet friendly - monthly payment facility to help cash flow and budgeting
  5. Reduced management time on dealing with employment and dispute resolution litigation issues
  6. Specialist solicitors that you know, not insurers or call centres
  7. Visits to your business from the qualified solicitors that will be advising you.


  1. Employment law and human resources
  2. Health and safety