3. Court Proceedings from £490.00 plus VAT

3. Court Proceedings from £490.00 plus VAT & Disbursements

This is quite possibly the one aspect of recovering possession that many landlords fear the most. But done properly, a Court claim for possession is often a simple and relatively pain-free process which leaves troublesome tenants with no room for manoeuvre.

Our lawyers are experts in managing the litigation process and are experienced at representing landlords in Court. We know the defences which tenants rely on and will give you comprehensive advice in order to ensure that loopholes are not left open.

We offer two main packages depending upon whether your Claim requires a Court hearing or not:

a. Accelerated Possession Proceedings - £490.00 plus VAT & Disbursements

Where a valid Section 21 Notice has been served and the landlord has complied with all of the statutory requirements relating to the tenancy, it is normally possible to obtain an Order for Possession without a Court hearing taking place. This process is known as the "Accelerated Possession Procedure” and is ideal where you are looking to recover possession quickly and cheaply without making a claim for rent arrears.

Our fixed fee for conducting the Accelerated Possession Procedure on your behalf is £490.00. This figure includes our costs in preparing your Claim, filing it at Court and liaising with the Court and any third parties as necessary.

b. Conventional Possession Proceedings - £590.00 plus VAT & Disbursements

Sometimes, the Accelerated Possession Procedure is not suitable and it is necessary for a Court hearing to take place in order to decide whether the tenant should give up possession. For example, where tenants have high levels of rent arrears, many landlords prefer to seek a Court Judgment for payment of these arrears, which the Accelerated Procedure does not allow for.

Many landlords find the prospect of going to Court daunting. Others find it an inconvenience. Either way, HardingEvans can help.

For just £590.00 (plus VAT & Disbursements), we will take care of your possession proceedings from start to finish. This fee includes taking your instructions and advising you as to the best course of action to take, preparing the Claim Form and any associated documents, assembling any other evidence which the Court may require and arranging representation at the hearing on your behalf.

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