2. Service of Notice £125.00 plus VAT

2. Service of Notice £125.00 (Plus VAT & Disbursements)

Before any claim for possession will be entertained by the Courts, an appropriate Notice Seeking Possession must have been served. This Notice can take a number of formats, however, the most common are the "Section 21 Notice” and the "Section 8 Notice”.

Both of the above notices appear to be simple documents, however, in some cases what looks like a small mistake can result in your claim for possession being dismissed by the Court, a costly and frustrating experience. We can help to prevent this.

Our fixed-fee service includes:

  1. A discussion with one of our specialists to help you decide which procedure you should use;
  2. Drafting a Section 8 or Section 21 Notice and serving it by first class post;
  3. A tailored letter to your tenants explaining the purpose of the notice and the consequences for them if it is disregarded.

Should you wish, we can forward the completed Notice to you should you wish to serve it yourself or for an extra cost, we can often arrange delivery by a process server.

Our fixed fee for preparation and service of a Notice Seeking Possession (Section 8 or Section 21 Notice) is £125.00 Plus VAT & Disbursements

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