Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery

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All businesses know that in order to make a profit they need to manage their costs as effectively as possible and keep a close eye on cashflow and credit control. Bad debts have an impact on all business whatever the size.

We pride ourselves in being proactive not reactive with your debts, our main aim is to help your business stay on top of its cashflow. We use a team of top legal cash collectors who will help your business with debt collection on a no collection-no fee basis.  

Getting debtors to pay your invoices can at times be difficult and time-consuming but it is a necessity.  We can take on this collection role for you.  We talk directly to your customers in order to obtain prompt payment whilst ensuring the goodwill you have spent time building remains intact. 

Why use us?

Utilising our debt recovery service is a cost effective solution to collecting unpaid debts as a simple extension of in house credit control departments at any time but particularly at busy times.

  1. Immediate same day action. However you choose to instruct us,  we will take the first steps in recovering your debt the same day
  2. Proactive service utilising highly effective debt collection methods
  3. Sensitive but determined approach with debtors
  4. NO collection - NO fee for all cases that do not involve court proceedings.

Other services we offer:           

  1. Credit Management advice/health checks
  2. Terms and conditions review
  3. Enforcement and Insolvency proceedings
  4. Defended debt recovery

Free Download

Get your free download - Best Practice for Debt Collection 

Our FREE download to Best Practice for Debt Collection includes:

  1. Preliminary Considerations
  2. Formal action
  3. Enforcement options

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