Are you having problems with Social Services

Are you having problems with Social Services

HardingEvans FamilyFirst team has extensive knowledge and expertise in childcare proceedings, coupled with the compassion and understanding that is essential in helping parents achieve the best outcome for their children.
Dealing with matters concerning your child can be a tremendous strain, particularly when court proceedings are issued. If you do have to go to court we can make sure that your rights are fully protected and that you understand your situation properly, along with the options available to you.
We regularly help parents who face difficulties in caring for their children and who face local authority action to have their children placed in foster care, or adoption. Among the FamilyFirst team are childcare specialists and members of the Law Society’s Children Panel who can make sure that you get the right advice and that you receive fair representation in court.
How we can help you:
  1. Knowing your rights
  2. Advice as and when you need it
  3. Helping you avoid court proceedings
  4. Accompany you to meetings
  5. Represent you in court
The help and guidance you receive from us at the FamilyFirst team will be the help and guidance of people who are experienced legal experts and above all, it will be the help and guidance of people who care.


   Remember - seek advice from an early stage
     It’s important to know your rights

Next Steps

If you would like to speak to someone regarding Social Services, please call us on 01633 244233, or email Siobhan Downes, at downess@hevans.com. Alternatively, complete our enquiry form and we will promptly be in touch with you.